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The "S" series or "Starter" series models provide the ultimate mix of convenience features for those without need of a complete security system. All "S" series models feature Black Widow's newly refined and highly sensitive tachometer interface for the most reliable start monitoring Black Widow has ever offered. This circuit also incorporates a very effective tach signal locator that makes finding the right tach wire a snap thanks to a LED indicator built into the starter module. Four built-in relays for Start, Ignition 1, Ignition 2, and Accessory are included in all "S" series models as well.

The "S" series products are all compatible with both gas and diesel engines offering either a true glow-plug wire interface or a diesel delay timer. For turbocharger equipped vehicles the built-in turbo timer option allows the engine to continue idling for a selectable period of time after turning off the ignition key, providing a proper cool-down period and extending the life of the turbo. With the further addition of 4 new run time settings from 10 to 30 minutes, and the added compatibility with manual transmission vehicles, the new "S" series products provide the highest level of flexibility ever offered from Black Widow.


The S5 is THE premium remote start/keyless entry system compatible with almost any fuel-injected vehicle and offering a variety of features including automatic cold starting, stop and go mode, and more. The S5 also includes a 2-way LCD transmitter for operation and confirmation from up to 3000' away.

S5 Hardware Features:
•  One 2-way 5-button LCD transmitter
•  One 4-button water-resistant, encrypted-code
    transmitter with SpiderGlo buttons
•  2-way Super-Heterodyne transceiver
•  Start Module with on-board relays for Start,     Ignition 1, Ignition 2, and Accessory Outputs
•  Hood and Brake Switch Safety Inputs
•  Plug-In LED
•  Plug-In Valet Switch

S5 Programmable Features:
•  Ignition Triggered Door Locks
•  Auxiliary 1 Output
•  Door Lock Pulse timing
•  Programmable Auxiliary Output - pulsed, timed, latched, or Dome Light
•  Automatic or Manual Transmission Mode
•  Engine Run Time 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes
•  Turbo Timer
•  Cold Start Mode
•  Lock on remote start/shut down
•  OEM Alarm Disarm output
•  Diesel Mode w/Glow-Plug Monitoring or Delayed Start Timer
•  Tach or Smart Voltage Sense Mode

S5 Remote Controlled Features:
•  Valet Mode
•  Real-time System Status (2-way transmitter)
•  Automatic Cold Start

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