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The "X" series represents Black Widow's commitment to the advancement of vehicle security technology. Utilizing the same modular CPU design as the flagship "Z" series, the "X" series is all about security. With high-security features such as coded emergency override,

Anti-carjacking modes, encrypted code transmitters, and optional automatic immobilization, protecting the vehicle are the "X" series' first priority.

In addition to a newly designed impact sensor that effectively minimizes false triggers, the "X" series also features a second sensor port for the addition of either a dual-zone radar sensor or second impact sensor for over-sized vehicles.

We all know needs, priorities, and budgets change so the "X" series takes full advantage of its modular design by allowing the addition of optional expansion modules. These expansion modules provide a simple means of upgrading the performance and convenience of "X" series products at any time by adding remote engine starting or 2-way capability.

Black Widow's latest full-featured Security System, the X5, includes a long-range 1-way transmitter with SpiderGlo™ buttons plus an even longer range 2-way transmitter that offers real-time monitoring of various system functions including open zones, impact sensor, arming status, and more from up to 3000'. The 2-way transmitter provides system status via a LCD display, which is backlit for nighttime use



Black Widow's new X1 security system is compact, modular, and loaded with performance features. The sport-designed transmitters feature SpiderGlo luminescent buttons and a new go-anywhere water-resistant case for harsh environments. The X1's modular design allows the system to expand as needed, offering upgrade options such as remote start and 2-way transmitter compatibility.

Hardware Features:
• Two 1-way 4-button water resistant transmitter
• One 1-way Super-Heterodyne receiver
• Alarm Module with on-board relays for Light flash,    door locks
• Impact Sensor
• Plug-in 40-amp Starter Disable relay
• 6-Tone 125dB Siren
• Plug-In LED &  Override Switch.

Programmable Features:
• Encrypted Coded Transmitters
• Override Code
• Ignition Triggered Door Locking
• Auto Rearming
• Timed Dome Light/Window Roll up Output
• Door Lock/Unlock Pulse timing
• Open Zone Reporting
• Auxiliary Output- pulsed, timed or latched
• Interrupt circuit- N/C or N/O
• Anti-Carjack Mode
• Auto Disarm with Auxiliary 1.

Remote Controlled Features:
• Arm/ Disarm Chirp Delete
• Passive Arming
• Valet Mode
• Car Finder
• Auto Immobilizer
• Shock Sensor Bypass
• Panic Mode
• Shock Sensor Adjust Mode
• System Status (2-way transmitter only)

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