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Black Widow's premier "Z" Series products combine state-of-the-art security features with the ultimate convenience of remote engine starting. The modular design of the "Z" Series provides smaller footprints for easier installation in cramped vehicle interiors, as well as upgradeable features for system additions.

"Z" Series products are comprised of a CPU module which houses all security functions including the on-board door lock and flashing parking light relays. Compact in size, the CPU module is able to be easily stashed away underneath the dashboard or other limited space location.

In addition to the CPU, "Z" Series products also include the extremely small remote engine start module that houses the electronics for all start functions including the relays for starter, ignition 1, ignition 2, and accessory. The starter module connects to the CPU by a data-link cable that allows communication between the two modules. This eliminates the need for redundant wiring, and allows the starter module to be located away from the CPU for a much more flexible installation, if space restrictions are an issue. The "Z" Series starter module features a newly refined and highly sensitive tachometer interface for the most reliable start monitoring Black Widow has ever offered. This circuit also incorporates a very effective tach signal locator that makes finding the right tach wire a snap thanks to a LED indicator built into the starter module.

Along with the multitude of installer programmable options, the "Z" Series products give your customers remote control access to several features previously available only through programming, including silent arming, passive arming, cold start, shock sensor adjustment, and valet mode.

The "Z" Series utilizes an advanced impact sensor design to detect only real attacks to the vehicle. The unique sensor element helps to minimize the false triggers that plague typical piezo or magnetic resonance sensor devices.


The Z1 system offers the exact same features as the Z5 but with two BWS -T4 transmitters. These transmitters offer up to 1000 feet of range and provide your customer total control of their vehicle¹s security and remote start system.

Z1 Features:
•  Programmable Override Code
•  Programmable Ignition Triggered Locks
•  Programmable Auto Rearming
•  Programmable Timed Dome Light or
    Window Roll-up
•  Programmable Door Lock Pulse timing
•  Programmable Open Zone Reporting
•  Programmable Auxiliary Output- pulsed,     timed or latched
•  Programmable interrupt circuit- N/C or
•  Programmable Automatic or Manual Transmission Mode
•  Programmable Anti-Carjack Mode
•  Programmable Auto Disarm w/ Auxiliary 1
•  Programmable Engine Run Time 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes
•  Programmable Turbo Timer
•  Programmable Cold Start Mode
•  Programmable Locks on remote start and shut down
•  Programmable Factory Disarm output
•  Programmable Diesel/Gasoline Engine Type
•  Programmable Diesel Mode-Timed or wait-to-start input
•  Auto Tach learn mode
•  Tach confirmation mode
•  Programmable Ignition 2 Output

Z1 Remote Controlled Features:
•  Arm/Disarm Chirp Delete
•  Passive Arming
•  Valet Mode
•  Car Finder
•  Auto Immobilizer
•  Shock Sensor Bypass
•  Panic Mode
•  Shock Sensor Adjust Mode

Z1 Hardware Features:
•  Two 4-button encrypted code, water resistant transmitters with SpiderGlo
•  1-way Super-Heterodyne receiver
•  Alarm Module with on-board relays for Light flash and door locks
•  Impact Sensor
•  Plug-in 40-amp starter disable relay
•  Remote Start Module with on-board relays for Start, Ignition, 2nd Ignition, &
•  6-Tone 125dB Siren
•  Plug-In LED & Override Switch

    The Z1 system can be upgraded to accommodate the BWS -T5 transmitter
    (2-way LCD) by adding the BW YT2 kit.

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